ICFCM 2016 | Auckland, New Zealand


ICFCM 2016 was successfully held in Auckland, New Zealand during November 19-21, 2016! 


Group Photo

Prof. Darren Martin (University of Queensland, Australia ) was delivering the keynote speech 

Prof. Ramesh K. Agarwal (Washington University in St. Louis, USA) was delivering the keynote speech 


Session I - Group Photo  Session I BP -Leslie Joy Diaz  Session II - Group Photo  Session II BP - Arifin Septiadi 
Session III - Group Photo  Session III BP - Christian Pabst  Session IV - Group Photo  Session IV BP- Dan Zhu 
Session V- Group Photo  Session VI- Group Photo  Session VI BP- Mitch-Irene Kate N. Galvan 


For more ICFCM 2016 conference photos, click here to download.  


Conference Proceedings 

Papers of ICFCM2016 were published by Materials Science Forum(MSF) Vol. 894 and proceedings of ICFCM2016 is already online! (Read More)

ICFCM2016 Conference Proceedings - Cover